Anyone wishing to ride on the road as a learner moped or motorcycle rider or is planning to take their full motorcycle test, must first complete a CBT. The CBT training we provide is based on a ‘full day’ lesson, broken down into at least four hours off-road training and a minimum of two hours on-road training.

During the first session of the CBT you will learn about the motorcycle and how to control it, as well as discussing road safety and equipment. When you and your instructor feel you are ready, you then move on to the on-road tuition, which is at least 2 hours, under close guidance. If at the conclusion of the on-road session your instructor is confident of your ability to ride a motorbike or scooter unaccompanied, you will be awarded your CBT certificate (DL196).

This course is also to validate all moped entitlement for full car driving licence holders passing their car test since 1st February 2001.


The (CBT) Compulsory Basic Training involves on and off road assessments of your motorcycling ability, developed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) for holders of motorcycle and moped provisional driving licences.

The course is based on learning by practical experience and will help you to avoid some of the common causes of accidents during the first stages of motorcycling. The course culminates in the issue of the licence validation certificate, which permits you to ride on the road unsupervised.

To obtain this certificate, you have to achieve certain standards in the following areas:

Practical off-road training:

Where you will familiarise yourself with the machine and are taught to carry out the necessary basic checks.

Practical off-road riding:

Where you will practice basic riding techniques, turns, slow riding and emergency stops.

Practical on-road riding:

Once your instructor considers that you are safe to ride on the road, you will be taken onto the road under supervision and brought up to a good level of competency and safety.

Success Guaranteed

Should you not pass the driving test, further training can be arranged, until you do.

Hire Bikes

Machines are available for hire; however, numbers are limited, so enquire early to avoid disappointment. These machines are available for hire either by the session or for up to 12 hours and may also be hired for the DSA Driving Test.

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